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Broad Spectrum Distillate

Raw broad spectrum distillate to make our our full spectrum healing hemp oil line.

Batch from Dec 2019- Present


250mg Healing Hemp Oil

Batch TA002


500mg Full Spectrum Oil

Batch FA002


Full Spectrum Distillate

Batch X

Used to make Full Spectrum Healing Hemp Oil

Candy Worms

Batch CW002


500mg Healing Hemp Oil

Batch TB002


1000mg Full Spectrum Oil

Batch TB001


CBD Soft Gel Capsules

Batch #11129

CBD Soft Gel Capsules

2000mg Full Spectrum Oil

Batch FC001


1000mg Healing Hemp Oil

Batch TC002


CBD Isolate

Batch M

Used to make Healing Hemp Oil, CBD Skin Cream, CBD Topical Roll On, CBD Lotion, CBD Massage oil, CBD Candy, and Dog treats

Full Spectrum Soft Gel Capsules

Batch# 3568

Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gel Capsules

25mg All Natural Candy


25mg All Natural CBD Candy


CBD Wellness Hawaii


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Consult with a physician before taking CBD

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