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CBD Wellness Hawaii in the News

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Source: KHON2

HONOLULU(KHON2) - Some say it's too difficult to weed out CBD products that still contain psychoactive THC from those that don't. But CBD can be helpful in treating various ailments.

Industrial hemp is legal thanks to the 2018 farm bill signed into law by President Trump.

The DEA also took CBD off of the Schedule 1 controlled substance list.

"That kind of has opened the flood gates for companies to start producing it," said Curt Hiraga, owner of CBD Wellness Hawaii.

There are a wide array of CBD products, everything from skin creams, topical oils, chocolates and even something for your pet.

"They are dog treats they work really well on 4th of july and new years when all of the fire works are going on. It helps to keep your dog calm and reduces anxiety levels," explained Hiraga as he held a small white bag of All Natural CBD Dog Treats.

He said the most popular item is the CBD candy. "These have 10mg of CBD per piece of candy and they're very popular for anyone who experiences any kind of sleep disorder."

Those who use CBD products claim they treat everything from cancer and Parkinson's disease to anxiety, insomnia and sunburn.

KHON: "So it seems kind of like a cure all."

"Yeah. I mean we have customers have claimed that they have benefited from many different ailments. I don't want to say its a cure all but it cures most," said Hiraga.

But what is CBD and how is it different from THC?

"THC is tetrahydrocannabinol and that has psychoactive affects and the other one is CBD which is cannabidiol...that is primarily for pain, and it is non psychoactive," explained Amy Brown, Ph.D., Associate Professor at JABSOM.

Brown said she believes CBD does have many benefits, but people should be careful which products they use.

"The problem with the CBD products today is that they vary quite a bit on how much CBD they contain and what they're coupled with and if they're coupled with THC. Because you're extracting substances form the plant so the manufacturers will differ in what they extract," said Brown."It's really hard for the consumer, even me, to figure out what's what in what unless you actually test it in a lab."

Hiraga agreed.

"Right now there's no real regulation as to what goes into these products. Someone can just create these products and put it out on the market and there's no real regulation," said Hiraga.

"However, the products that we sell at our store, everything has to get lab tested. Everything gets lab tested at an ISO accredited lab facility here that tests the medical marijuana in the state, and we utilize them to ensure that all of our products do not have THC," explained Hiraga.

He added that if you intend to try CBD products start slow.

"We recommend to start at maybe 5mg and 10 mg, but some depending on your symptoms and ailments you can go up from there...We kind of recommend to start small so that you can get comfortable with the affects of CBD," Hiraga said.

Brown said it's important to ask your doctor before you try CBD. And warned that people should be keep CBD products away from children.

"Parents should watch their CBD products. You should never allow (children) access to them in the same way that you would never allow them access to prescription drugs," said Brown.

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